Content Area: Earth, Water and Air


Be a Rocket Scientist!

In this lesson, children will learn scientific facts as they follow the book, “If You Decide to Go to the Moon,” which documents a boy’s fascinating excursion to the moon and back. The children will then construct and launch straw rockets to learn about the physics of space.

Floating Rocks!

This lesson introduces children to the concept of weight, buoyancy and density as they observe some rocks floating on water and some rocks sinking.

I Can Recycle!

In this lesson, students will learn about items that can be recycled and why this is important to protect the earth.

Growing Lettuce From Scraps

In this lesson, you can use scraps from your kitchen to quickly and easily regrow lettuce for your children to observe, investigate and enjoy as a snack.  

Loose Parts Science Lab

In this lesson, children will conduct their own science experiments by mixing loose parts with water.

Dandelions in the Wind

In this lesson, you will introduce young learners to STEM concepts such as velocity, speed and wind as they blow on dandelion puffs to disperse the seeds.  

Evaporating Water

In this lesson, the children will examine water as it evaporates over time.

Who Sank the Boat?

In this lesson, children will be introduced to weight and buoyancy experiences and apply these experiences at the water table.